Spondylarthrosis, causes, symptoms and how to cure! lightbox[VATI alb]Spondylarthrosis, causes, symptoms and how to cure!

Spondylarthrosis, causes, symptoms and how to cure!

Spondylarthrosis is a common disease. The most affected part of the body is the spinal spine. The patient feels pain in the waist and cannot bow down. The pain spreads from the waist to of the last vertebra, near the tail; instead, pain in the neck goes up. This kind of pain, sometimes also blocks the breathing.

There are two types of this disease.

1.Lumbar Spondylarthrosis
Lumbar Spondylarthrosis, which is characterized by back and cervical spine (neck) pain. Pain can be fixed and pulsating, lasting and localized depending on the conditions that favor or relieve. Intensity of pain can be so high as to make the life of the person very difficult. Lumbar spondylarthrosis pain is accompanied with pain back that do not allow even the slightest movement The patient must remain in a firm bed in order not to allow bending of the vertebrae, and making it difficult to move. Schematically it can be differ two types, which are Lumbar Spondylarthrosis and Cervical.

2.Cervical. Spondylarthrosis
Cervical Spondylarthrosis hits especially adult ages, it is not transmitted by the family and it can last for an indefinite period of time, giving sleep disturbances during the night. Pain is more dispersed than in the case of a migraine,It is added to the back of the head and especially in the junction between the head and neck.. it can be easily caused by stress, emotion and tension and is common in people with depression and anxiety, this is why one of the methods of treatment is psychotherapy, as this disease is related to strong emotions.
Besides that has damaged vertebrae, there are other signs such as headaches, dizziness, loss of balance, numbness of the arm, tightening of the chest and difficulty in breathing and pain between the shoulder blades.

The main cause is the damage of the vertebrae of the spinal spine, damage comes as a result of heavy lifting, staying for a long time watching television, excessive fatigue physical and psychological stresses.

How to cure Spondylarthrosis?
Spondylarthrosis is primarily a disease affecting all those people who have worked in factories, plants, mines, jobs requiring a forced movement position. Particularly affects persons working in mines, because poisons in such countries usually cause damage to the nervous system, which has direct links to the spinal cord. Even why recently it has been concluded that even those people who do not keep their backs straight and have problems with the way of stay are "threatened" by Spondylarthrosis..

* Stay in a warm environment for calming the muscles of the back..

* Thermal baths are good for mid painkiller..

* If the pain is very strong then they need the help of a doctor.

* If you cannot move your head or tilt you should immediately go to the doctor..

* Do not lift very heavy weight lifted, it cause lumbar pain.

* Do gymnastics exercises and swimming. Tennis is not recommended..                         

* Avoid staying for a long time watching television,it causes spinal spin injury.

Fitness removes Spondylarthrosis
Aerobic exercise and recantly fitness, are one of the best allies to take away the spondylarthrosis disease. According to experts, everyone should do at least 10 minutes of exercise per day to put into motion the the muscles of the head, which have direct links to the spinal cord.According to specialists every morning the head must be moved left and right 20 times, and the neck should be rotated as many times too, and immediately after exercise it should be done a bath with normal temperature. .All these serve to avoid the spondylarthrosis pain during the day .















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