Our Caring

Our vision goes further than the business horizon, we work for a healthier world through health progress. Listening to the needs of the society that we are part of is the value of our success. This is the reason why we support, invest and sponsor in education, science and culture.

Profarma has implemented the work balance policy in accordance with equal opportunities and equal treatment, creating a work environment where each individual has the capability to express his/her abilities and talents for a better performance which impacts the success of the business.
Profarma guarantees job security for all levels in the company in compliance with legislation in force.
Profarma helps in quality of life improvement through cooperation with nonprofit organizations which work with dedication and are familiar with citizen interests on important issues such as: health, education, and community engagement.
Through, “Corporate Initiatives”, donations, and partnerships, Profarma, as part of the community, helps in community improvement, in any possible way.

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