About Us

The patient’s voice guides our philosophy. To care and cure is our dedication. Research and development are the key for guarantied quality in pharmaceutical technology. Our manufacturing administration is guided by the highest ethical values: honesty and transparency.

Our Mission

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide people with an opportunity to improve their health and quality of life. Determination to achieve perfection is the everyday motto of Profarma, in order to offer to the customers a pharmaceutical product that meets their expectations. We make this possible by guarantying that our products are synonymous with quality, effectiveness and security.
Our main goal is business development by meeting patients' needs. We achieve that through a strong partnership with medical staff and pharmacists. This activity is reflected in a long list of medicines for the treatment of various diseases.

Our Vision

Our Vision
Our objective is to establish permanent relations with the patients and not just temporary success. It is our intention to provide longterm medical care, aiming longer life expectancy and guarantied health.

Our Values

Our Values
We work with high integrity and social responsibility in order to ensure a healthy future. We observe the highest standards daily, because the health of our people depends on the availability, quality and effectiveness of the medicines we produce.
We are dedicated to treatment and cure. Our philosophy is the voice of the patient. We are guided by the highest ethical values, namely honesty and transparency.

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