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Step 1: Fill out and send in the registration form now

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I consent to the storage of details provided by me pertaining to my person, profession and work address by Profarma Sha, Rr.Myslym Keta, Ish Antibiotiku,Tirana, Albania (hereinafter called "service provider") and to the disclosure of the data to the service provider's affiliates. I understand I have the option to object to the data recorded by the service provider pertaining to me and to the drafting of anonymous user profiles. I realize I may have this data corrected, deleted, modified or amended upon request.


Step 2: Send us your identification certificate

Please send us your identification certificate stated below by uploading it here, by e-mail or transmit a scan by mail to:
Profarma Sha
Rr.Myslym Keta, Ish Antibiotiku
Tirana, Albania

Eligible identification certificates are:
License to practice medicine (approbation)
Pharmacist license
A copy of your business registation certificate

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If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us under:
Phone: +355 42 389602

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