Profarma is the only pharmaceutical company albanian speaking, which has a 70 years history of health care.
Guarantee quality, efficency and safety for our products!
We’re commited to the development and validation of analytical methods, quality control performance, stability studies and microbiological control.
We possess high production potential by ensuring the quality of the final product in accordnce with rules laid down by GMP( Good Manufacturing Practice).
In 2008, in partnership with German company DERMAPHARM AG, the present pharmaceutical factory was designed and built, a result of 30 million euro investment from German architectural studio with experience in pharmaceutical engineering of highest GMP ( Good Manufacturing Practices) standards.
The new drugs development sector dates back to the establishment of this company 70 years ago.
The innovative development of generic drugs and the evaluation of their relevance according to the pharmaceutical market requiremnts provide to the client a pharmaceutical product complying with the expectations. All of our products are conform to complex requirements governing the pharmaceutical industry, which constantly undergo changes and additions. Attentivly followed and monitored by our company professionals all processes of drug registration such as the initial ones of application, registration, also the later stages, ensuring that operations and products meet the required standards of efficency and safety.The maximum commitment to quality products that continuously improve is the key point connecting the company, our products and regulatory authorities.
In recent years the company has invested in two new pharmaceutical forms,
1-Line of gelatin capsules.
2- Pharmaceutical sacks ( sache).

These Investments are added to the large range of this company’s products.
Today Profarma has 303 registred products for trade in territory of Albania.

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