Reporting side effects

If you notice side effects that may be caused by the use of Profarma sh.a. medicines, do not hesitate to inform us.

For this purpose you may contact us by:


Address: Profarma sh.a., Rruga “Myslym Keta” 1022, Tirana, Albania

The Reporting Formulary

Please note that you must fill in a minimum of data which are marked with (*) without which the formulary can not be sent. All the other fields serve to check out better your reporting. Your data will be stored for documentary purposes in our archive and will be kept confidential.

In case of medical emergencies please contact immediately your doctor, pharmacist and / or the emergency department.

Please complete the following formulary and then click. “Submit"

1) To whom does this report apply?:

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2) Informations about the patient who experienced the side effect

Name, Last Name or Initials (*)
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Age at the time of appearance of the side effect
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Height (cm)
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3) Informations about the drug that is suspected to have caused the side effect

Drug name and dose (e.g. Fasdol® 400 mg)(*)
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Batch number (located on the packaging, e.g. 1701)
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Reason for taking / using the drug (e.g. pain, high blood pressure)
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Dosage (e.g. 400 mg twice daily)(*)
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Administration route (e.g. by mouth, cutaneously) (*)
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When did the patient start taking/using the medicine? (*)
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When did the patient stop taking / using the medicine?(*)
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Do you continue to take/use this medicine?
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4) Informations about the experienced side effect

Date of the side effect occurrence
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Description of the signs / symptoms (e.g. itching, redness etc.)(*)
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Evaluate the severity of the side effect(*)
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What is noticed over time regarding the side effect?

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Death Date
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Did the signs / symptoms disappear after the dose reduction or interruption of the drug?

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Did the signs / symptoms occur again after the patient started taking / using the same drug again?

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5) Additional information

List any other drug that you are taking / using or have taken / used in the last 3 months
(including over the counter medicines, herbal medicines or food supplements), the
purpose of their use and the duration of use.

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Give as much details as possible about the previous drugs effects, known allergies or
intolerance, other existing diseases, smoking, alcohol use, known results of the
analysis or any other information you consider important.

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6) Contact information

Do you permit us to contact the doctor who has prescribed the drug to provide more information?

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Doctor's Name and Surname
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Address / Health Care Unit where he/she works
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Doctor's Email
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Doctor's Telephone
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7) Informations about the reporter

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Profession (in case the reporter is a health professional)
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