PROFARMA is the only Albanian pharmaceutical company with an experience of date 70 years in health care.

1948   PROFARMA was established in 1948 as a small laboratory in the premises of the Tirana hospital, for the production of several medicines, starting with basic products such as distilled water.
Later on, the laboratory was further developed into an establishment of pharmaceutical products that was named PROFARMA. The first pharmaceutical preparations produced were liquid extracts (fluids) and dry extracts (siccum) which were then used by pharmacists allover Albania to prepare (ex tempera) Galenic preparations such as syrups, suppositories, solutions, etc.

1956   Further on, due to the increased demand for medicines, a new establishment was build in 1956 with additional production departments:
- Tablets production unit
- Injection solutions production unit
- Galenical production unit
- Organic Compounds production unit
With the passing of years the number of medicine preparations increased and additional production units were build such as the Perfusion unit.

2000   In 2000 PROFARMA was subject of privatization by a joint stock company. It was focused primarily on investments for the improvement of working conditions, technology update, as well as the purchase of contemporary equipments. During this period of time, it was achieved the automatization of many manufacturing processes as well as for the first time PROFARMA produced film-coated tablets according to a contemporary technology.

2008   In 2008 in partnership with the German Dermapharm AG we launched a project for the building of the pharmaceutical factory we have today with the highest standards, GMP standards.
The new factory, covering over 27.000 m², was designed by the German investors, with contemporary technology, qualified personnel and a wide range of pramaceutical products.

2011   The new facility of PROFARMA was inaugurated on March 2011.

Today   PROFARMA operates in the Albanian and regional market.

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