Profarma interrupted production for three days and took the initiative to donate blood for the children with Thalassemia. This initiative was realized in cooperation with the Albanian Red cross, in the facilities of Profarma.

Blood donation is a voluntary act, without compensation. Blood cannot be produced in laboratories and the sole source is through donations. Normally an individual can donate 400 ml of blood or about 10% of the blood in a human being.

Blood donor eligibility
Who can donate blood:
  people without health problems;
  people not younger then 18 years and not older then 65 years;
  people that weigh over 50 kg, blood quantity is proportional with body weight;
  people with a lifestyle that presents no risk to the blood donor and recipient.

Are there any health risks for blood donors?

Not if the procedure is done correctly. Blood donation is done with sterile one use equipment with professional assistance and therefore the blood donor is not at risk of blood transmitted diseases.

Benefits of the blood donor?

The examination and blood tests are a very good opportunity to diagnose and prevent potential health risks. A series of examinations is done following the blood donation and the results are provided to the donor. If the donor is diagnosed with health problem he will be notified regarding the need to undergo a more thorough medical examination.

How often can I donate blood?

Two time a year for females and four times a year for males. The minimum interval between blood donations is 90 days for both genders. In this intervals there is no risk to deplete the physiological blood reserve.

How long does it take for the body to replace the donated blood?
Much quicker then most people think: it takes from 1 to 7 days.

Who needs blood?
that have severe trauma to get passed critical conditions;
that have to undergo serious medical surgical intervention;
with chronic anemia, their lives depend on periodical blood transfusion;
with leukemia, thalassemia or other blood diseases. Only blood transfusion may people overcome damages caused by chemotherapy.

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