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List of reimbursed drugs, is an important part of Service Packages covering the Fund of Compulsory Health Care Insurances for the population. The list of reimbursable drugs aims at improving the quality of service for all patients, particularly for people in need. In this regard, through the new list of drugs, FCHC aims at increasing the attention toward categories such as retirees and patients suffering from serious illnesses.

In compiling the list of drugs there are some scientific criteria which have been taken into consideration, by giving priority to drugs used for severe diseases; diseases of high risk for life; diseases that cause disability; diseases that risk of being spread into the society; diseases that cause much suffering as well as chronic illnesses requiring prolonged treatment.

Muscolo - Skeletal System - Reimbursed

Tablets – 100 mg

Alopurin is a medicine which inhibits the formation of uric acid (uricostatic).

Alopurin is indicated:


  • in cases where blood uric acid values are 500 µmol/l (8.5mg/100 ml) and above, provided it is dietary unmanageable, or in clinical complications with hyperuricemic conditions, especially manifested gout, renal damage caused by uric acid (urate nephropathy),treatment and prevention of uric acid stones, and to prevent the formation of calcium oxalate stones in concomitant hyperuricemia;
  • in raised blood uric acid levels and increased excretion of uric acid in urine, e.g. in strong cell decay, radiation or chemotherapy (secondary hyperuricemia).

Film coated tablets - 400 mg


Film coated tablets - 400 mg


Suppositories - 100 mg

Indomethacin belongs to the group of medicines called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). These drugs are soothing pain medications and reduce swelling (inflammation) with all its signs.

Indometacine suppositories can be used for:

  •  inflammatory diseases of the joints or surrounding tissues such as rheumatoid arthritis,  osteoarthritis and degenerative diseases of the coxo-femoral joint;
  •   deformation and stiffness of spinal cord (ankylosing spondylitis);
  •   muscle pain, back pain and pain coming from the bones;
  •   menstrual pain;
  •   gout.

Tablets 20 mg

Film coated tablets - 250 mg


Film coated tablets - 500 mg


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