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List of reimbursed drugs, is an important part of Service Packages covering the Fund of Compulsory Health Care Insurances for the population. The list of reimbursable drugs aims at improving the quality of service for all patients, particularly for people in need. In this regard, through the new list of drugs, FCHC aims at increasing the attention toward categories such as retirees and patients suffering from serious illnesses.

In compiling the list of drugs there are some scientific criteria which have been taken into consideration, by giving priority to drugs used for severe diseases; diseases of high risk for life; diseases that cause disability; diseases that risk of being spread into the society; diseases that cause much suffering as well as chronic illnesses requiring prolonged treatment.

Dermatological - Reimbursed

Cream - 0.1% - 15 g

Cream - 10 mg / g

Cream – (0.2 mg + 5 mg)/1 g

Flumethasone pivalate, one of the active substances of Fluoderma cream, is a moderately potent glucocorticoid, which is used topically. It has anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, vasoconstrictor.and antiproliferative activity. In inflammatory skin diseases of different types and origins, flumethasone pivalate provides a rapid relief and eliminates symptoms such as itching. Multiple effects that provide corticosteroids are related with a complex molecular mechanism, where binding with specific cytoplasmic receptors plays an important role.

Neomycin is an aminoglycoside antibiotic which is active against many gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. It may cause sensitization more easily than other antibiotics, when it is used locally.

Fluoderma is indicated in initial treatment of inflammatory skin diseases of different types and localization, which respond to corticosteroids and where a secondary infection caused by organisms susceptible to neomycin sulphate appears, such as seborrheic eczema, contact eczema, atopic dermatitis (in patients of all ages), localized neurodermatitis, intertrigo, superficial pyoderma (e.g. impetigo) and insect bites associated with secondary infections.

Ointment - ( 5 mg + 500 IU ) / g


Tablets - 250 mg


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