Vitamine B12

Blood And Blood Forming Organs
Albania & Kosovo
Vitamine B12
100 mcg/ml
Solution for injection
Box x 10 ampoules
Solution for injection - 100 mcg/ml … Read more

Solution for injection - 100 mcg/ml

Vitamine B12 takes part in all the metabolic processes of the organism and plays an important role especially in the synthesis of nucleoproteins. It is necessary for the development, normal haemopoiesis, the formation of the epithelial cells and for the maintenance of the normal function of the neuronal myelinic membranes.
Vitamine B12 - solution for injection is indicated in the treatment and prophylaxis of the hematological and neurological disorders because of the deficiency of vitamin B12 such as: reduction of the absorption of vitamin B12, eg. in pernicious anemia, total or subtotal gastrectomia, Crohn disease and idiopathic steatorrhea, disorders of the intestinal flora accompanied with tropical psylosis (diarrhea), multiple diverticula of the small intestine, infestation with the parasite Diphyllobotrium latum, methylmalonic aciduria and in strict vegetarians and children fed from vegetarian mothers.


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